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Second Session -- 2001 Congress of Delegates

...particularly to our quality activities with AMAP, with the consortium, with a performance that measures advisory committee, the practice guidelines partnership, and so many other ways. And, of course, your participation on the Unity Project, the Sage Project that Dan Ostergaard has...

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Fourth Session -- 2006 Congress of Delegates

...practice based research, quality improvement, electronic health records, implementation of electronic records, and evidence-based practice guidelines, and we appreciate your leadership with us in the Ambulatory Quality Alliance. Please join me in welcoming a true friend of family...

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Third Session -- 2005 Congress of Delegates

...cessation especially when combined with behavioral modification. These FDA-approved therapies are described in the USPHS Clinical Practice Guideline entitled, Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence, Revised June 2000, U.S. Public Health Service. Distribution and Sales: The AAFP...

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2008 Third Session

...(A) Annual Report of the Commission on Science, Only Para. 43 regarding revised policy statement on Clinical Practice Guidelines. (B) Annual Report of the Commission on Science, Only Para. 44 regarding revised policy statement on Diagnostic Screening. (C) Annual Report of the...

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NJAFP 2003 Resolution #1

...2. VBP should enhance adherence to evidence-based practice guidelines and measures 28 endorsed by the National Quality Forum. 29 3. VBP should be based on reliable, valid, verifiable, and transparent data. 30 4. VBP should be flexible in the following ways: 31 a. Responsive to...

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The "Top 5" Lists in Primary Care

...7. Bigos S, Bowyer O, Braen G, et al. Acute Low Back Problems in Adults: US Dept of Health and Human Services AHCPR Clinical Practice Guideline No. 14: AH- CPR Publication No. 95-0642. Accessed April 21, 2011. 8. Hickner JM, Bartlett JG, Besser...

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Comprehensive Primary Care Payment Background Report

...with cardiovascular (CV) metabolic risk factors. Educational modules are designed with evidence- based clinical content and include practice guidelines, care processes and tools to improve patient population gaps in care. Exhibit 3. Excerpted from Shi, 2016 45 NOT...

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Everyone Wins WIth the AAFP

...patient care and stay current on clinical issues, the AAFP also provides CME, the latest clinical decisions, and evidence- based practice guidelines on hot topics, including opioid abuse and yearly vaccine recommendations. Plus, the AAFP offers options for physicians who can attend...

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AAFP Member Profile

...Clinical practice guidelines Top Five Most Valued AAFP Resources Source: 2017 Member Satisfaction Study Virtually all members (94%) plan to renew their AAFP membership. More than three-fourths of members (77%) indicated they consider their AAFP membership important. Close...

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