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Recommended Curriculum Guidelines for Family Medicine Residents Risk Management and ...

Risk Management and Medical Liability

Med School and Residency

AFP Clerkship 2012-2013

...An Overview (05/01/2009) Diagnosis of Acute Coronary Syndrome (07/01/2005) Noninvasive Cardiac Imaging (04/15/2007) Update on Exercise Stress Testing (11/15/2006) Radiologic Evaluation of Acute Chest Pain-Suspected Myocardial Ischemia (08/15/2007) Contemporary Management of Angina:...

Med School and Residency


...of the Match process can feel overwhelming. Interview season, which often lasts from September to late January, is a common source of stress, particularly from a time-management standpoint. Booking travel, preparing for multiple interviews, and then traveling to them can make it...

Med School and Residency

FMIG Program of Excellence Award Application: University of Puerto Rico areas of Palliative Care, Patient Centered Medical Home, Workshop of Microsurgery, and Lawsuits and Malpractice (2 sessions). The first session of Lawsuits and Malpractice was named "Legal Aspects of Medicine" (02/11/2015) while the second one was named "The Laws of the Good...

Med School and Residency

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