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14 Alternative Practice Styles -- Family Practice Management

...are usually transferred to public hospitals. And vacation and holiday time off is guaranteed. In other words, no one has ever died from the stress of being a prison doctor. If you work at a women’s correctional facility, you will need gynecological skills; obstetrical skills are a...

Family Practice Management

A Job-Share Model for the New Millennium -- Family Practice Management for valid and complex reasons, including the need to protect their personal lives. In some cases, the result has fragmented care, stressed the doctor-patient relationship and placed heavy productivity demands on physicians, who must provide a high number of office visits to...

Family Practice Management


...with experiencing worry, depression, fear or hopelessness,5 as is having a psychiatric diagnosis such as schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder or drug abuse.6 Health status. Looking at patients with chronic disease has shown some consistent pat- terns. Patients with...

Family Practice Management

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