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'Moving the Needle' on Student Choice

Oct 22, 2018 - Michelle Roett, M.D., M.P.H., is working on both local and national initiatives to expand the family medicine pipeline.

AAFP News : Family Doc Focus

AAFP Accepts Challenge, Submits Primary Care-based Payment Proposal

Apr 24, 2017 - The AAFP recently sent a proposal detailing its advanced primary care alternative payment model to the newly formed Physician-Focused Payment Model Technical Advisory Committee for review.

AAFP News : MACRA Ready

AAFP Blasts VA Decision Granting APRNs Full Practice Authority

Dec 16, 2016 - The AAFP slammed a final rule issued by the Department of Veterans Affairs that grants advanced practice registered nurses independent practice authority.

AAFP News : Government and Medicine

AAFP Hosts Launch of 25 x 2030 Student Choice Collaborative

Sep 5, 2018 - A new initiative will work to ensure that by 2030, 25 percent of U.S. medical school seniors will select family medicine as their specialty.

AAFP News : Physician Education and Development

AAFP Lends Experienced Voice to 2018 Fee Schedule Proposal

Sep 6, 2017 - The AAFP has informed CMS what it likes and what needs to be changed in the proposed 2018 Medicare physician fee schedule.

AAFP News : Government and Medicine

AAFP Offers Solutions to Ease E/M Documentation Burdens

Apr 27, 2018 - The AAFP has offered recommendations to CMS regarding changes to evaluation and management documentation guidelines.

AAFP News : Government and Medicine

AAFP Outlines Quality Measurement Strategy for Primary Care

Jan 14, 2019 - The AAFP has created a position paper on quality measurement for primary care that features six guiding principles aimed at helping steer future development and use of measurement in practice improvement and physician payment.

AAFP News : Practice and Professional Issues

AAFP Pushes CMS to Clear 'Safe Harbors' in Stark Law

Sep 5, 2018 - The AAFP told CMS in a recent letter how the agency could change self-referral rules that unduly burden physicians who adopt innovative payment models.

AAFP News : Government and Medicine

AAFP Pushes for Revisions, Easing of Regulatory Burden

Jun 16, 2017 - The AAFP's response to CMS' 2018 inpatient payment proposal covered a variety of topics important to family physicians.

AAFP News : Government and Medicine

AAFP Rolls Out Well-being Planner to Help Fight Burnout

Apr 24, 2018 - The AAFP has expanded its Physician Health First initiative to include an online well-being planner as part of an ongoing effort to combat physician burnout.

AAFP News : Focus on Physician Well-being

AAFP to HHS: Let Physicians Transform Their Practices

Nov 6, 2018 - In response to a request for information, the AAFP urged HHS' Office of Inspector General to confirm that any new CMS action would allow for physician collaboration and partnerships to improve care delivery and appropriate beneficiary incentives.

AAFP News : Government and Medicine

AAFP Urges FDA to Revise Plans for Physician Opioid Education

Jul 12, 2017 - In a recent letter to the FDA, the AAFP spoke out strongly against mandatory one size fits all CME for prescribers of opioids.

AAFP News : Government and Medicine

AAFP Urges Improvements to Fledgling Patient Data Initiative

Mar 22, 2018 - The AAFP made detailed suggestions to improve CMS' recently announced initiative to improve patients' access to and control of their electronic health data.

AAFP News : Government and Medicine

AAFP Working to Improve Community Health Outcomes

Jul 3, 2018 - The AAFP played a key role in the recent release of a new framework to spark collaboration between the public health and health care sectors to improve community health outcomes.

AAFP News : Health of the Public

ACGME Releases Revised Common Program Requirements

Mar 15, 2017 - New residency program requirements from the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education stress patient safety, care quality and physician well-being and return to the 24-hour cap for first-year residents.

AAFP News : Physician Education and Development

Arkansas Program Illustrates Promise of Practice Transformation

Dec 12, 2016 - Transforming the way physicians are paid was never billed as an easy task, yet one Medicaid official says that many primary care practices in Arkansas have already completed the difficult steps of changing how they deliver care.

AAFP News : MACRA Ready

AWV Uncorks New Revenue Stream, Improves Health Care Quality

Feb 24, 2017 - Incorporating the Medicare annual wellness visit into the overall care picture is good for Medicare patients, helps achieve quality measures and earns new practice revenue.

AAFP News : MACRA Ready

Big Drop Seen in Diabetes-related Kidney Disease in Native Americans

Jan 18, 2017 - A recently released Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report showed diabetes-related end-stage renal disease among Native American adults decreased 54 percent from 1996 to 2013.

AAFP News : Health of the Public

Broader Look Shows How PCMH Touches Practices, Patients

Jul 25, 2017 - The annual report of the Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative examines how elements of the patient-centered medical home affect cost, quality and utilization.

AAFP News : Practice and Professional Issues

Can Design Thinking Improve Health Care for Patients, Physicians?

Feb 5, 2019 - Design thinking requires decision-makers to empathize with, and test potential solutions with, users and stakeholders. Lalita Abhyankar, M.D., M.H.S., shares insights from a crash course on the process.

AAFP News : Fresh Perspectives: New Docs in Practice | AAFP News Blog : Blogs

Caring for Olympic Team a Golden Opportunity

May 21, 2018 - Allyson Howe, M.D., wanted a career that included caring for athletes. She achieved that goal as the head physician for the Olympic champion U.S. women's hockey team.

AAFP News : Family Doc Focus

CDC Launches #HowIRecommend Vaccination Video Series

Aug 13, 2019 - The CDC launched a new website for its #HowIRecommend videos series, featuring health care professionals talking about how they recommend vaccines to different types of patients.

AAFP News : Health of the Public

CMS Issues Proposed 2018 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule

Jul 17, 2017 - CMS has released proposed 2018 updates to the Medicare physician fee schedule and invited public comment on ways to reduce the administrative burden that physicians face.

AAFP News : Government and Medicine

Collaboration Improves Patient Outcomes, Lowers Cost

Sep 4, 2019 - Researchers found that an interprofessional collaborative practice model used in an ambulatory care center led to better care, lower costs and greater clinician satisfaction.

AAFP News : Practice and Professional Issues

Conflicting Beliefs Shouldn't Hinder Patient Care

Aug 28, 2018 - Recent news of pharmacists refusing to fill prescriptions raises a question: What happens when the beliefs of a health care professional conflict with those of a patient?

AAFP News : AAFP Leader Voices | AAFP News Blog : Blogs

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