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'Oh, by the Way ...': Agenda Setting in Office Visits -- FPM

Dec 1, 2002 - The article will explain how physicians can deal with patients who present with lists of complaints and how managing these lists effectively can improve patient care.

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A Physician's Guide to Locum Tenens -- FPM

Feb 1, 1999 - If you've ever been curious about this unique practice option, here's how one family physician made it work.

Family Practice Management : Articles

A Primer on E-mail Discussion Lists -- FPM

Sep 1, 2001 - The author provides a comprehensive list and a summary of listservs available to family physicians as well as tips on listserv etiquette.

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A Simple Technology to Improve Office Efficiency -- FPM

Jun 1, 2002 - The author explains how simple technologies, such as a handheld pager system, can improve communication among physicians and staff members within the office.

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Achieving a More Minority-Friendly Practice -- FPM

Jun 1, 2002 - How successful is your practice at meeting the needs of diverse patients? These 10 tips can help you improve.

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An Expensive Dinner: Surviving a Failed Business Venture -- FPM

Feb 1, 1999 - There's no such thing as a free dinner when you're dealing with wanna-be medical entrepreneurs.

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Back to School: Options for Learning the Business of Medicine -- FPM

Aug 1, 2001 - From master’s programs to certificate programs to CME courses, the options are plentiful. But what’s right for you?

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Be Present -- FPM

Feb 1, 2016 - When demands and distractions intrude on your patient encounters, practice these tips for being fully present.

Family Practice Management : Employed Practice

Becoming an Effective Physician Leader -- FPM

May 1, 1999 - Your clinical practice has planted the seeds of leadership skills, but they need intensive cultivation to flourish.

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Beginning With a Vision -- FPM

Mar 1, 1999 - The article explains the importance of having a shared vision to guide a practice's efforts toward quality patient care.

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Blinded by a Patient's Age -- FPM

Jun 1, 2015 - When you see an 18-year-old patient, you don't expect to deliver bad news.

Family Practice Management : The Last Word

Can You Negotiate Better Reimbursement? -- FPM

Oct 1, 2004 - With the right data and a reasonable approach, you can overcome some inequities in payers’ fee schedules.

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Caring for Frequent-Visit Patients -- FPM

May 1, 2003 - Patients who keep coming back often require physicians to walk the line between diagnosis and judgment.

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Choosing Between Clinical Practice and Administration -- FPM

Jan 1, 2003 - After wrestling with the decision, this family physician ended up where she started, but she gained a good deal of insight along the way.

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Communicating Bad News to Your Patients -- FPM

Dec 1, 2011 - How you share the news can have a lasting effect on your patients and their families.

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Communicating Risks: Let’s Talk Numeracy -- FPM

Dec 1, 2018 - Understanding numeracy will make your risk conversations with patients more effective.

Family Practice Management : From the Editor

Communication Tips for Caring for Survivors of Sexual Assault -- FPM

Aug 1, 2019 - You can support your patients’ recovery from sexual assault by interacting with them in an empowering, compassionate manner.

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Creating a High-Quality, Low-Cost Health Care System: Lessons From Grand Junction, ...

Dec 1, 2009 - Physicians who have been instrumental in making Grand Junction, CO, one of the lowest cost health care marketplaces in the country offer the secrets of Grand Junction's success.

Family Practice Management : Opinion

Creating a Space Where Doctors Can Be Vulnerable -- FPM

Oct 1, 2017 - We shouldn't try to carry the stress of patient care alone.

Family Practice Management : The Last Word

Cultural Competence -- FPM

Oct 1, 2000 - The article describes the racial and ethnic disparities that exist in health care and explains how practices can improve their cultural competency.

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Discussing End-of-Life Care With Your Patients -- FPM

Mar 1, 2008 - The conversation may not be easy, but your patients will be grateful.

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Do You Belong on the Board of Directors? -- FPM

Sep 1, 1998 - This article offers salaried physicians advice on how to exercise power effectively once they attain positions of authority in their organizations.

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Don't Be a Target for a Malpractice Suit -- FPM

Jun 1, 2006 - Protect yourself with these tips from a family physician who has successfully defended his care and that of other physicians.

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Dressed to Ill -- FPM

Jun 1, 2006 - If a shirt and tie are too formal and jeans and a T-shirt are too casual, what's a doctor to do?

Family Practice Management : The Last Word

Effective Work Relationships: A Vital Ingredient in Your Practice -- FPM

Dec 1, 2006 - It takes time and effort to create positive work relationships, but the payoff is worth it.

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