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AAFP, Other Medical Groups Update Sports Physical Guidance

Jun 11, 2019 - The AAFP has joined with five other medical organizations to update the Preparticipation Physical Evaluation Monograph, which provides guidance to physicians and other clinicians on properly administering the PPE, also known as the sports physical.

AAFP News : Health of the Public

Going the Extra Mile for Transgender Patients

Jun 10, 2019 - When Izzy Lowell, M.D., M.B.A., realized how great the need was for transgender care in her region, she created a five-state practice to fill the void.

AAFP News : Family Doc Focus

Study Calls for Clarity on SDOH, Related Terminology

Jun 10, 2019 - Researchers have found considerable differences in the way individual health care professionals, organizations and other stakeholders use shared language, such as social determinants of health and related terms.

AAFP News : Practice and Professional Issues

Don't Be Shy About Asking for Help Patients Need

Jan 29, 2019 - Kimberly Becher, M.D., writes that finding creative ways to solve patients' problems outside of her clinic is good for both her and her patients.

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Our Health Care System Is Sick

Jan 28, 2019 - The U.S. health care system focuses more on care of the sick than prevention. Leonard Reeves, M.D., writes that even our sick care is less than ideal.

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CDC Offers Measles Outbreak Toolkit

Jun 7, 2019 - The CDC has released a measles outbreak toolkit for health care professionals that family physicians can use to better arm themselves to fight the current measles epidemic.

AAFP News : Health of the Public

AAFP Advises CMS on Making Value-based Model Work for FPs

Jun 5, 2019 - The AAFP responded to a CMS request for information with suggestions on refining one of the five new payment models the agency announced this spring.

AAFP News : Government and Medicine

Academy Lauds Bills Aimed at Curbing Teen Smoking, Vaping

Jun 5, 2019 - The AAFP is voicing support for several recent bills addressing the U.S. epidemic of youth tobacco and nicotine use.

AAFP News : Government and Medicine

AMA Opioid Task Force Outlines Road Map to End Epidemic

Jun 5, 2019 - The AMA Opioid Task Force, to which the AAFP belongs, released recommendations on May 30 that call on policymakers to eliminate barriers to treatment for opioid use disorder.

AAFP News : Health of the Public

Study: Talking About Medication Costs Yields Rewards

Jun 5, 2019 - Researchers found that a 60-minute training intervention with physician practices helped increase the frequency of cost-of-medication conversations with patients, which, in turn, enabled clinicians to identify those for whom cost was a specific barrier.

AAFP News : Practice and Professional Issues

Chronic Opioid Prescribing in Primary Care Varies Widely

Jun 4, 2019 - Chronic opioid prescribing in primary care varies significantly by patient and clinician characteristics, according to a study published in the May/June issue of Annals of Family Medicine. Practice setting -- urban versus suburban -- also seemingly played a role.

AAFP News : Health of the Public

Family of Family Medicine Is Working to Expand the Workforce

Jan 23, 2019 - An ambitious initiative to expand the family medicine pipeline is the latest example of collaboration among the specialty's eight national organizations.

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FP Reflects on Service on Front Lines of Family Medicine

Jun 3, 2019 - During a 22-year stint in the Army, including more than a decade serving as a White House physician, Col. Kevin O'Connor, D.O., has found himself continually searching for ways to better serve his patients, whether it's in a classroom, at a hospital or in a war zone.

AAFP News : Family Doc Focus

Proposed Rule Would Hurt Transgender Patients, Women, Say Groups

Jun 3, 2019 - A coalition that includes the AAFP recently objected to an HHS proposed rule that could allow discrimination against transgender people and restrict women's access to health care.

AAFP News : Government and Medicine

We're Working to Make Sure Telemedicine Is Real Medicine

Jan 22, 2019 - AAFP Senior Vice President for Advocacy, Practice Advancement and Policy Shawn Martin writes that the Academy has new resources to support telemedicine within family medicine practices.

AAFP News : In the Trenches : Blogs

Study Links Patient Appointment Times, Cancer Screening Rates

May 31, 2019 - New research suggests that patients' appointment time may factor into whether their primary care physician refers them for breast and/or colorectal cancer screening.

AAFP News : Practice and Professional Issues

CMS Prescription Drug Final Rule Addresses AAFP Concerns

May 29, 2019 - CMS recently released a final rule on Medicare drug prices that held some wins for the AAFP and other physician organizations that are fighting for patients.

AAFP News : Government and Medicine

Sharp Rise Seen in Teen Self-Poisoning Suicide Attempts

May 29, 2019 - Rates of attempted suicide by self-poisoning among U.S. adolescents and young adults have more than doubled in the past decade. Among girls and young women, rates nearly tripled during that period.

AAFP News : Health of the Public

AAFP Seeks Applicants for 2019-20 Health Equity Fellowship

May 29, 2019 - Building on a successful inaugural run, the AAFP and the Association of Family Medicine Residency Directors are seeking applicants for the yearlong 2019-20 health equity fellowship.

AAFP News : Health of the Public

Research Highlights the Enigma of Primary Care Spending

May 29, 2019 - A recent analysis of overall health care spending on Medicare beneficiaries found that spending on primary care accounted for just a small percentage of total fee-for-service expenditures.

AAFP News : Practice and Professional Issues

FP Relies on Faith to Help Her Keep Blazing New Trails

May 28, 2019 - As a young girl living in inner-city Detroit, Ophelia Garmon-Brown, M.D., lacked the resources that many of her colleagues had as children. What Garmon-Brown had, however, was an abundance of faith that continues, even today, to guide her work.

AAFP News : Family Doc Focus

Lawmakers Need Guidance to Fix U.S. 'Wealth Care' Culture

May 28, 2019 - The Family Medicine Advocacy Summit opened with detailed advice on how FPs can use stories and data to win greater support from legislators for primary care.

AAFP News : Government and Medicine

FPs Opine on Practice Transformation Network Experience

May 28, 2019 - New research from the American Board of Family Medicine examines why physicians joined a practice transformation network, what they expected and what they got from the experience.

AAFP News : Practice and Professional Issues

Why Do I Provide Maternity Care? The Answer's Simple

Jan 16, 2019 - There are many reasons some family physicians don't provide maternity care. But more than 30 years into practice, Robert Raspa, M.D., explains why it's still one of his favorite parts of the job.

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Beat the Clock: Why I Chose Direct Primary Care

Jan 15, 2019 - Allison Edwards, M.D., writes in this Fresh Perspectives blog post that the limitations of the 12-minute patient visits she experienced as a resident inspired her to start her own direct primary care practice.

AAFP News : Fresh Perspectives: New Docs in Practice | AAFP News Blog : Blogs

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