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Newly Released Tools Support HHS Plan to End HIV Epidemic

Sep 13, 2019 - On Sept. 3, the CDC released a suite of communication tools and resources to support efforts to prevent the spread of HIV infection and help keep those infected with HIV healthy.

AAFP News : Health of the Public

Surgeon General Issues Advisory on Risks of Marijuana Use

Sep 12, 2019 - U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams, M.D., M.P.H., recently issued an advisory on the health risks associated with marijuana use in adolescents and pregnant women, warning that no amount of the drug has been deemed safe.

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AAFP Gives HHS Guidance on Pain Management, Opioid Crisis

Sep 11, 2019 - The Academy responded to an HHS request for information with advice for ensuring that family physicians are able to address patient needs regarding chronic pain and opioid misuse.

AAFP News : Government and Medicine

CDC Provides Interim Guidance, Update on Vaping Illness

Sep 11, 2019 - On Sept. 6, CDC officials hosted a telebriefing to provide an update on the agency's investigation into more than 450 cases of serious lung illness possibly associated with use of e-cigarette products.

AAFP News : Health of the Public

New Research Shows Fewer Family Physicians Seeing Children

Sep 11, 2019 - New longitudinal research conducted in Vermont shows that fewer family physicians are taking care of children. Rather, the researchers verified previous findings that showed a temporal trend of child visits moving from family medicine to pediatric practices.

AAFP News : Practice and Professional Issues

Many Patients Hide Life-threatening Issues From Clinicians

Sep 10, 2019 - New research indicates that many patients who experience an imminent threat such as suicidality, abuse or sexual assault routinely withhold this information from their clinicians.

AAFP News : Health of the Public

Student Leader Found Intersection of Medicine, Social Justice

Sep 9, 2019 - Medical student Julia Wang, a daughter of immigrants, is emerging as a champion for health equity and social justice.

AAFP News : Family Doc Focus

Offer to Prescribe Medication to Cut Breast Cancer Risk

Sep 9, 2019 - The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force has issued a final statement recommending risk-reducing medications for women who have an increased risk for breast cancer and a low risk for adverse medication effects.

AAFP News : Health of the Public

Why Is Compassion So Important? Just Ask This Patient

May 7, 2019 - Family physicians know all about giving their patients compassionate care. In this Leader Voices Blog post, Tochi Iroku-Malize, M.D., M.P.H., M.B.A., shares the story of what happened when an ER team missed the mark.

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AAFP FAQ Aims to Educate FPs About Using Claims Data

Sep 6, 2019 - The AAFP has created a document to help family physicians understand all-payer claims databases so they can advocate for greater state investment in primary care.

AAFP News : Practice and Professional Issues

Your Patient Is Crying. What Do You Do?

May 6, 2019 - What can you offer a crying patient besides a tissue? In this Fresh Perspectives blog post, Lalita Abhyankar, M.D., M.H.S., discusses why patients cry, why it sometimes helps and how to react.

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AAFP Scores Win on Payment to Support Rural Residencies

Sep 5, 2019 - As of Oct. 1, Medicare will start picking up the tab for residents' training time at critical-access hospitals, a move that helps the AAFP's Rural Health Matters initiative.

AAFP News : Government and Medicine

Dennis Salisbury, M.D., Withdraws Candidacy for AAFP Director

Sep 5, 2019 - The Montana AFP has announced that Dennis Salisbury, M.D., of Butte, has withdrawn his candidacy for AAFP director.

AAFP News : Inside the Academy

AAFP Tells FCC Telehealth Pilot Should Encompass Broad Scope

Sep 4, 2019 - The Academy told the Federal Communications Commission in an Aug. 28 letter that a proposed $100 million telehealth initiative must not be limited to rural physicians and patients.

AAFP News : Government and Medicine

Study: Preterm Infants Less Likely to Be Fully Vaccinated

Sep 4, 2019 - A recent study in Pediatrics found that more than half of all preterm infants had not received the full complement of vaccines recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices by age 19 months.

AAFP News : Health of the Public

USPSTF: Screen Adults 18-79 for Hepatitis C Infection

Sep 4, 2019 - According to a recently issued draft recommendation, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommends screening all adults ages 18-79 for hepatitis C virus infection.

AAFP News : Health of the Public

Collaboration Improves Patient Outcomes, Lowers Cost

Sep 4, 2019 - Researchers found that an interprofessional collaborative practice model used in an ambulatory care center led to better care, lower costs and greater clinician satisfaction.

AAFP News : Practice and Professional Issues

It's Humbling to Be Reminded How Much There Is to Know

Apr 30, 2019 - Margaux Lazarin, D.O., M.P.H., writes in this Fresh Perspectives blog post that a moment of self-doubt provided motivation for her to learn more and do better.

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CMS Heeds AAFP Advice on New Payment Models

Apr 30, 2019 - In this In the Trenches blog post, AAFP Senior Vice President for Advocacy, Practice Advancement and Policy Shawn Martin examines the Primary Cares Initiative that CMS launched last week.

AAFP News : In the Trenches : Blogs

AAFP, Other Groups Strongly Object to New Detention Policy

Aug 30, 2019 - The Academy and four other medical groups are voicing strong opposition to a new federal policy that poses significant short- and long-term health risks to immigrants being held in U.S. custody.

AAFP News : Government and Medicine

CDC Underscores Need to Boost HPV Vaccination Coverage

Aug 29, 2019 - A pair of Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports the CDC recently released clearly demonstrate that the need to improve HPV vaccination coverage remains substantial.

AAFP News : Health of the Public

New AAFP Policy Pushes Payers to Accept Supplemental Data

Aug 29, 2019 - The AAFP has created a new policy to press payers to accept all performance data physicians want to submit so they do not lose out on value-based payments.

AAFP News : Practice and Professional Issues

Academy Pushes Lawmakers to Deliver Rural MOMS Act

Aug 28, 2019 - The AAFP recently applauded a Senate bill that aims to improve the critically compromised state of maternal health in rural communities.

AAFP News : Government and Medicine

CDC: Report Possible Vaping-associated Pulmonary Illness

Aug 27, 2019 - The CDC is asking clinicians to report unexplained pulmonary illness that may be related to e-cigarette use after nearly 200 potential cases have been reported in 22 states.

AAFP News : Health of the Public

USPSTF Recommends Screening Adults for Illicit Drug Use

Aug 27, 2019 - The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force said in a draft recommendation statement that screening for illicit drug use is recommended in adults if services for diagnosis, treatment and care are available.

AAFP News : Health of the Public

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